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Dental Care for Your Cat

Preventive care is the most important aspect of good oral care in your cat. Brushing is a good start and is a relatively simple task.

To clean the teeth, the lips should be lifted slightly to expose the teeth. Start by using a soft cloth or Q-tip and gradually work up to using a small brush or finger toothbrush.

A specially formulated toothpaste for cats should be used as well. Toothpaste's come in flavors such as malt, poultry and seafood and is safe for your cat to swallow.

The teeth should be brushed daily so that plaque does not accumulate and harden to tartar.

If brushing cannot be done every day, other products can be used to help. Dental chews or treats designed for cats may also be used. Without regular dental home care, periodontal disease or tartar build-up will develop and a professional dental cleaning may be required.