Why choose our hospital?

Features and Benefits

  1. We offer Puppy and Kitten Care Packages.

    Benefit: Clients can get an individualized vaccination, deworming, and neutering or spay package for their puppy or kitten at a discounted rate. These packages include unlimited FREE examinations for 1 year!

  2. We offer laser surgery.

    Benefit: Laser surgery results in less bleeding during surgery, and less swelling and discomfort afterwards. This results in a faster recovery time for pets after surgery.

  3. We offer digital dental radiology.

    Benefit: This allows us to better evaluate a pet's oral health and to make decisions that will make that pet healthier and more comfortable.

  4. We offer Saturday appointments.

    Benefit: Saturday appointment times are convenient for people who are busy during the week to bring their pets in for veterinary care.

  5. We offer rigid and flexible endoscopy as well as ultrasonography.

    Benefit: These services result in less invasive or non-invasive diagnostic and surgical options for patients, preventing the need for more aggressive and more uncomfortable procedures.

  6. We offer in house laboratory testing.

    Benefit: Patients who are ill can obtain laboratory results within minutes, allowing treatment to begin sooner.

  7. We include a Comfort and Safety Package with all of our cat and dog ovariohysterectomies (spays) and neuters at no charge.

    Benefit: The use of intravenous fluids, heating pads, and ECG, blood pressure, oxygen level, carbon dioxide level, respiratory rate, and temperature monitors make surgery safer and more comfortable for pets. There is no additional charge for this package for the previously mentioned surgeries at our practice.

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