Optimal Care Plans

Your pet's way to a lifetime of good health.

Our Optimal Care Plans provide the ideal level of care for every stage of a pet's life.

Our practice believes that preventive care improves the quality of your pet's life and can add years to it as well. The Optimal Care Plans we have developed will simplify caring for your pet and make it more affordable.

Each plan includes:

  1. Unlimited complimentary office visits and physical examinations
  2. Comprehensive examinations and age specific health evaluations
  3. Individualized vaccination plans based on your pet's unique needs
  4. Early screening for serious health risks
  5. A 5% discount off of the fees for services included in the plans

Our Optimal Care Plans are better than having insurance. Compared with insurance, where you pay for coverage that you may never use, our Optimal Care Plans always provide all of the services you pay for.

Our plans are geared to the prevention of diseases and the early detection of serious illnesses, many of which become more common as your pet ages. A big advantage of our plans is that they provide your pet with the ideal care that you want and divide the cost of that care into twelve very affordable monthly payments.

Our Plans make caring for your pet simple and convenient. You can help your pet live a longer, healthier life following a life stage specific schedule of care at a discounted rate with the added benefit of being able to return for complimentary examinations whenever a health concern arises.

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View our Optimal Care Plan brochure for dogs.
View our Optimal Care Plan brochure for cats.