Optimal Care Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is there a flat fee for the dental examination and cleaning package when the grade of dental disease is so variable?

    In order to promote optimal dental health for our patients, we have chosen to charge one fee for the examination and cleaning of the teeth no matter how long the exam and cleaning take. Additional charges will be applied for any radiographs, dental nerve blocks, extractions, additional anesthetic time needed for the radiographs and extractions, and any take home medications or products required for cases that require more than an examination and cleaning.

  2. Are heartworm and parasite preventives covered in the Optimal Care Plans?

    Medications and diets are not a part of the Optimal Care Plans and are paid for separately.

  3. Why weren't these plans offered earlier?

    Up until recently, these types of wellness plans were not permitted by the provincial veterinary regulatory body. Regulations have changed over the past few months.

  4. What happens if I decide to stop monthly payments before the contract term is completed?

    Hopefully this would not happen, but if this occurred, you would still be responsible for the value of the services received to date, minus the 10% discount that is built into the Plan prices, or an amount equal to the remaining unpaid monthly payments, whichever is less. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

  5. What happens if my pet passes away before the end of the contract?

    In the event of this occuring, the value of the services received to date would be calculated and either:

    1. A refund equal to the difference between the amount already paid and the value of the services received would be paid if the amount paid exceeded the value of the services received to date or;

    2. Monthly payments or a single lump payment would be made equal to the difference between the value of the services already received and the amount of payments made to date. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

  6. When does the Optimal Care Plan expire?

    All of the services in the Plans should be completed by one year after the date that the contract is signed. Unused services cannot be carried over past the contract year. We will make every effort to schedule your pet in for all of the services covered in your Plan before it expires. We will also contact you before your Plan expires to confirm your renewal of your pet's Plan for another year and to review your pet's needs.

  7. The free office visits and examinations sound too good to be true. Are there any restrictions?

    You can bring your pet in for an unlimited number of complimentary office visits and examinations during the term of the contract. Of course, emergency fees will apply for examinations after hours and regular fees will still be charged for any treatments, diagnostic tests, radiographs, surgeries, medications, and diets that might be required as determined by the complimentary examinations.

  8. Can I transfer any unsused services in my Optimal Care Plan to another pet?

    Unfortunately, services in the Optimal Care Plans are non-transferable between pets.

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