Pancakes Paquin

February 25, 2007 - June 25, 2013
She will forever be the most fascinating rabbit that ever lived.

Exactly 6 years and 4 months ago, after a night out, we got it in our heads to get my friend a rabbit for her birthday. The next morning we visited a house from Kijiji that offered 2 rabbits and a cage for $50. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm the type of person that can't step foot in the Humane Society without wanting to take everything home. So, when my friend decided that she wanted a rabbit, I could see something off about the other one lying in the cage.

After being told that she was deformed and that no one else would want her, I scooped her up, bought a cage and took her home. It was a battle to keep her there because we had just put down an amazing dog. I still remember having her in the car, coming to the door and saying the exact phrase "I kind of bought an animal". No one wanted anything to do with her and she was cast to the basement. At that time, my favourite show was the O.C.. In that show a character had a rabbit named Pancakes. So she was named.

A few months later I had her fixed. She developed major complications and I had to bring her upstairs to carefully monitor her. From that moment on my parents fell in love.

She was my little miracle. I never knew what would happen with her. Having sockets without anything in them could have led to major health concerns. She never had a problem with her eyes. As far as she knew, she was perfectly normal. and she acted that way. The only way you'd know she was blind was from the caution she took when going couch to couch Maybe once out of every 6 months she'd take a fall, but she was so good at knowing her surroundings. You'd never know that she was blind.

She was so smart and well-tempered right from the beginning. I litter trained her in a week. She'd come to you if you called her. Ill forever miss saying "treat" and having her jump all over me to see what I'd give her. If she wasn't impressed, she'd shrug off the treat and lick you until you gave her something else that she wanted. She hated being in her cage. Usually she'd go in there to pee and then make noise as if to say "okay, get me out now". You could do anything you wanted to her and she'd never make a sound. She never bit. All she ever did was kiss you. If you put your nose to hers she'd just keep licking until you took your face away, then she'd come find you for more.

The only 'bad' things she ever did in 6 years would be eating anything that had rubber (remotes, cords). One bite and it would be gone. That was never her fault though, only mine for leaving them where she could get them.

My little goofball. As long as she was close to you she was happy.

She was the best snuggle-friend a person could ask for, once again kissing you every chance she got to bare skin. She didn't know that she was handicapped, and I believe that made her the special animal that she was. She loved affection and when you stopped petting her she'd head-butt you until you started again, or she'd bury her head in your head because she liked the comfort. She lived to be loved and to receive love. She was absolutely the perfect pet.

If you met her, you loved her. There wasn't anything not to love. She was out of the ordinary but absolutely amazing to watch her get around. We had such a special bond because she knew she relied on me for everything, and I relied on her for love.

Throughout her life people said I was insane for spending the thousands of dollars I did just to ensure that she stayed healthy and could live the best life that she could. I know she appreciated it. No amount of money spent could ever equal the bond that we had. No other rabbit can hold a candle to her life and her actions. She was truly a blessing. I'm so happy that I took that little 2lb bundle of fur home that one Saturday afternoon.

I don't know what happened to her, and I'm afraid I'll always feel like there's something I could have done. Last night she fell asleep on my chest and in my arms (perfect last memory). She didn't want her treats, which I found very off. I started piling all of her favourites together: salad, toast, cheerios, yogurt treats, apples etc. She didn't want any.Thinking that that was weird I set my alarm to get up this morning to bring her in as soon as the vet opened. Sometime between 2:30am - 5:30am she passed away. I'm trying not to blame myself for anything that happened, but it's hard no to, no matter what anyone says. In the matter of 6 hours she shut down. All I can hope is that she didn't suffer because she didn't deserve to.

The joy, love, affection, companionship and pure awesomeness that she gave me over these last 6.5 years can never be forgotten. I believe that it was fate that brought us together because most people wouldn't have been such a sucker like I was. She truly was perfect. My smart, loving, baby girl will never be forgotten. I love her beyond all the words and all the tears. My little miracle of 4.5 lbs.