Pet of the Month

Our pet-of-the-month winners receive a great prize package including a bag of food, a toy, and a bandanna for the pet, and a t-shirt for the pet owner!

If you would like to enter your pet to win this monthly prize, please fill out a ballot when you are in with your pet for their next visit.

November 2016 Winner Sabre

I'm strong and I'm a lucky dog. I got ran over by my daddy's truck and had to have surgery on my foot and had my tail amputated. I'm a lucky dog to be alive.

October 2016 Winner Olive

Olive is a loving large cat who keeps you smiling all day long. From playing with his new dog brother Roscoe to rolling over for treats, he will warm your heart. Adventurer by day, cuddler by night.

September 2016 Winner Packer

She is fun, cuddly, and can jump 10 feet off our dock at camp.

August 2016 Winner Stirling

Stirling is a good dog, he never bites and never barks. He's very good.

July 2016 Winner Peter

Peter should be pet of the month because he is black and white and has matching sides. He is a fighter.

June 2016 Winner Sophie

Sophie has brought so much happiness into our lives. She loves Matti and Leah and cuddles up to them when they have a tough day. She is so easy going. She lets the kids put doll clothes on her. She's an amazing pet. She is a gentle little girl and takes pride in grooming herself.

May 2016 Winner Hipolyte

Hipolyte should be pet of the month because she is cuddly, soft and nice.

April 2016 Winner Desi

Desi is speical and cute. She eats all of her food and she sleeps all night.

March 2016 Winner Charlie

Charlie is a big cuddler. He is very soft and well behaved. He is always friendly to everyone he meets.

February 2016 Winner Elfey

He is proud, arrogant and talkative! He was found at Holy Cross School and was named Elfey from the movie Elf by the students.

January 2016 Winner Hunter

He's so friendly and loving. He's the best puppy anyone woulc ask for!

December 2015 Winner Jasper

He was very brave having his surgery done and 2 teeth pulled!

November 2015 Winner Tiddles

Tiddles has been a patient since 2002. This past April she took ill and has been in more frequently. With every visit she has maintained her cute, positive attitude. She is well on her way to a full recovery and thanks for all the wonderful care she has received from the vets and staff here!

October 2015 Winner Joey

Joey lets me know when I'm about to have an anxiety attack. Seriously, I would be lost without his company. He makes me smile every day.

September 2015 Winner Sophie

She's a winner!

August 2015 Winner Sammi

My ferret, Sammi, makes me laugh every day. He is gentle and hilarious.

July 2015 Winner Roscoe

Roscoe should be pet of the month because he is a big slobbery moose!

June 2015 Winner Whisper

She's a legend, an allstar!

May 2015 Winner Muffet

She's a cutie, lovable, a family dog!!!

April 2015 Winner Brutus

Brutus is so loving and well behaved even when he has to come see the vet 3 times in 2 weeks.

March 2015 Winner Dog

My little dog should win because he lays in my bed until I fall asleep. He has a heart like a lion and he has a very funny personality.

February 2015 Winner Katie

She's an allstar!

January 2015 Winner Bun Bun

Our Bun Bun is the strongest bunny ever! She has very little use of her back legs but still has a heart of gold! She never lets her condition get her down and always manages to brighten her mom and dad's day! We love Bun Bun.

December 2014 Winner Pumpkin

Our rabbit Pumpkin came from Animal Services. We were told that he was found in a park! Since coming to live with us, he has become a member of the family. We hope he will be a better house rabbit once he is neutered.

November 2014 Winner Gerry

Gerry is so brave, coming to the clinic often for bloodwork.

October 2014 Winner Abby

Abby is so sweet. She lies in my bed until I fall asleep and she always needs to be petted. She nudges my hand or scratches me until I start to pet her.

September 2014 Winner Jack

Jack should win because he is a loyal cat and he was brave to come to the vet to get checked out. He loves his family! (Jack is pictured here with his best friend Bandit)

August 2014 Winner Emma

Emma is a super fun, cute and loveable dog that gets along with pretty much any dog. She's a ball of energy, who loves to play and eat. She's so awesome and just a little joy!

June 2014 Winner Sammi

Sammi Bacon deserves to win pet of the month because at 4 months old, he had to have his right hind leg amputated. He has overcome his disability and runs as fast as any 4 legged cat! Plus, he is super soft, cuddly and only a little bad.

May 2014 Winner Ginger

Ginger is fun, cute and cuddly.

April 2014 Winner Buttercup

Buttercup is 15 years now and she has cancer in her lower GI tract. She told me that her last dying wish is to be able to finally win the TBVH Pet of the Month award. Buttercup has had to suffer through 4 other cats coming into her kingdom and has been able to hold onto her crown. She deserves a little recognition.

March 2014 Winner Olive

Olive is a lovable male kitten who enjoys the chase and the climb. He also enjoys long afternoon cat naps especially on top of one of the five human roomates he has. Full of love and full of pounce.

February 2014 Winner Louthor

Louthor is the most loveable and energetic dog in the world.

January 2014 Winner Tally

Tally is a sweetheart who loves to give kisses and cuddle with his favourite stuffed toys.

December 2013 Winner Snowball

She is the cutest puppy ever! She's super playful and always put a smile on people's faces.

November 2013 Winner Tasha

Tasha never bites people. She is blond, soft and cuddly. She loves to go for walks and play with her chew chews.

October 2013 Winner Ella

Ella is a funny golden. When excited, she gets her special monkey to show everyone. Ella loves going to camp and plays in the water by herself for hours. Sometimes she stays out in the lake until dark and still doesn’t want to come out. She is very energetic and loving. Sometimes she “tells” on her sister Rosie (dog) who is doing something bad by barking at us! She is loved by many!

September 2013 Winner Lola

"Hi! My name is Lola. I am an 8 lb lop rabbit. Mommy opens my cage door for me and says, “Let’s go out for pee & poo”, and I run up the stairs and out the door. Then after I do my business, I play with my two dog friends that live upstairs. After we are done, mommy yells "inside" and back I go down the stairs. At the end of my play time, mom shakes a box and says “Treats”. I go into my kennel, get my treat and then off to sleep."

August 2013 Winner Samuel

Franca writes: "He gives us unconditional love and asks nothing in return. He has brought extreme joy to our daughter Chloe's life and deserves to be celebrated for his kind nature."

July 2013 Winner Wilson

Monica writes: "Besides being a great companion, Wilson chases the geese off of our lawn. He's great!"

June 2013 Winner Pheonix

Joelle writes: "Pheonix should be pet of the month because she makes grandma happy when she sleeps over."

May 2013 Winner Autumn

Eleanor writes: "Autumn is the cutest and smartest little cockapoo. She rings her bells to go outside potty."

April 2013 Winner Mittens

Katie writes: "She has extra toes that she uses to catch feather toys with ninja-like skills. Plus she is SUPER cute!"

March 2013 Winner September

Sandie writes: "She keeps us busy playing, chasing and hiding. She "attacks" us when we try to leave the house and absolutely goes crazy when we return - so happy to see us. She always expects a present when we come home from a trip, going through our bags until she finds a toy. We love her and wouldn't trade her in for anything."

February 2013 Winner Myah

Matthew writes: "Myah should be pet of the month because she is a loyal dog who protects my family from wild animals. She stays close to me and my brother."

January 2013 Winner Abby

Jessica writes: "My dog, Abby, is the sweetest, cutest Shih Tzu you'll ever meet! She has a funny personality and is always a great companion."

Karli writes: "Abby is fun, loving and caring towards the whole family and she is one of a kind."

December 2012 Winner Scruffles

Scruffles' owner writes: "Scruffles is clumsy, but cute. His best friend Rocky is a dog. He protects our house. He was very well behaved while getting his vaccinations."

November 2012 Winner Ginger

Ginger's owner writes: "Ginger loves going for walks. Everyone she meets is a new friend. She is a wonderful member of the family."

October 2012 Winner Peanut

Peanut's owner writes: "My little rat is the best! She's awesome and fun to hang out with. She knows some tricks and she knows how to kiss!"

September 2012 Winner Misty

Misty's owner writes: "Misty is the most cuddly bunny ever. She's loving, kind, gentle and knows her own name. She doesn't bite and loves to be held."

August 2012 Winner Xena J

Xena J's owner writes: "Xena J has been awesome at home and on her walks. She plays excellent with Tanner, Indie and Primo. She was very well behaved at the vet today and takes her medicine on time. Xena J is also a great guard dog as she warns the neighborhood that she is outside."

July 2012 Winner Metso

Metso's owner writes: "Metso loves us unconditionally! With him, there is no need for an alarm clock...he always makes sure I make it to work on time. He also keeps papa healthy by having to chase him away from scratching the couch."

June 2012 Winner Kaliko

Kaliko's owner writes: "Kaliko learned to swim this month and now we can't keep him out of the water...except for bath time."

May 2012 Winner Benny

Benny's owner writes: "Benny is very well behaved. He sits when you tell him to and he heels when you tell him to! He has the cutest face!"

April 2012 Winner Leroy

Leroy's owner writes: "Leroy is going to learn to do a trick soon and it's almost his birthday. He's going to be 1!"

March 2012 Winner Sandy

Sandy's owner writes: "Sandy has a good sense of smell and she is a happy, friendly dog!"

January 2012 Winner Annie

Annie's owner writes: "Annie is the gentlest dog ever. She never growls and has never bit or attempted to show her teeth. She draws herself up in a dominance position when challenged and looks so serene and calm that the other dogs back away in awe. Annie is awesome!"

December 2011 Winner Habbie

Habbie's owner writes: "Habbie has tons of energy, loves to go for walks and is awesome!"