Virtual Spay (continued)

The patients abdomen is then shaved.
The surgical site is then prepared. First a cleansing soap is used.
Next, alcohol is applied to disinfect the area.
Finally, a surgical prep is applied as a final layer of disinfectant.
While the patient is anesthetized, a microchip can be painlessly implanted, should the owner desire.
The patient is then transferred to the operating room, and placed on a heated pad to assist in maintaining their body temperature during the surgery. This will help to speed up the patient's recovery.
The patient is then positioned for the surgery. The intravenous fluids are administered using a special fluid pump to maintain an accurate fluid administration rate during the procedure.
The surgeon scrubs for the procedure, gowns, and proceeds to open a sterile surgical pack prior to the procedure.
The patient has a sterile drape placed over her in preparation for the initial incision.
A special vacuum is readied as a part of the laser surgery procedure. Using the surgical laser has several advantages over traditional scalpel surgery. The laser seals off blood vessels, lymphatics, and even nerve endings while it works. This typically results in less bleeding during the procedure, less swelling afterwards, and less discomfort for the patient. We recommend using the laser for all elective surgical procedures and for most other surgeries as well.
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