Virtual Spay (continued)

The entire uterus and both ovaries are completely removed.
The abdomen is checked for any bleeding, then the muscle layer is closed using a series of absorbable sutures.
Next the tissue between the skin and the muscle layer is closed using a continuous absorbable suture pattern.
Finally, a continuous absorbable suture pattern is used in and under the skin to close the skin itself.
A small line is all that remains at the end of the procedure. No visible sutures are available for the pet to lick out.
Before the patient wakes up, additional analgesic drugs are administered and the surgical site is cleaned.
Here is a close-up of one of our ECG monitors.
Here is a close-up of one of our IV fluid pumps.

Patients are closely monitored after surgery until they recover completely. Additional analgesic drugs are administered as needed. Patients undergoing an ovariohysterectomy are normally hospitalized for one night after surgery. On the following morning they are again reevaluated, then discharged at a time convenient for the owner.