Our Cremation Services

Our hospital offers two different choices for the cremation of your pet.

  1. Communal Cremation

    The first option is group cremation where the pet is cremated and buried with other cherished pets. We refer to this type of cremation as "Communal Cremation".

  2. Private Cremation

    The second option is where your pet is cremated and the cremated remains are returned to you, sealed in an urn. We refer to this type of cremation as "Preferred Cremation".

Private Cremation Memorial Products

When you choose "Private Cremation", your pet's cremated remains will be returned to you in an urn. The available urn choices are: White, Black, Mother of Pearl White, Mother of Pearl Black or Granite Stone.

Colours from left to right are Mother of Pearl White, Granite Stone (Slate), and Black.

Colours from left to right are Slate, Sierra and Pueblo Sand.

These are all of the available colours for the Granite Stone urns:

*actual colour samples are available in our hospital*

When the urn containing your petís cremated remains is returned, you will also receive a certificate verifying that a Private Cremation has taken place.

Specialty urns and memorial products are also available at an additional cost.

View the available specialty urns.

For more info on the company we use for pet cremation please visit Precious Pet Cremation.